alex loon

Year started dancing: 2000

Dance genre: Bboy, Hip Hop. Urban

About Alex Loon:

Loon started Bboying in 2000 by simply trying to copy moves seen on videos downloaded from the internet with a secondary school friend. Soon he got together with similar like-minded individuals and formed the crew FUYO, a pioneering Bboy crew in the local scene.

With a somewhat diminishing flame for Bboying in 2008, Loon joined the Singapore Management University Dance Club – Eurhythmix where he was exposed to, and ultimately took a lot interest in, other street styles. Learning, performing and choreographing these different styles with the club rekindled his passion in dance and the flame has since been burning brighter than ever before.

Loon was the pioneer Bboy instructor of the NTU Breakers and also was a performer at USS in their daily Bboy show with the Rockerfellas. He now teaches at Legacy Dance Co. and constantly returns to dance and give back to SMU Eurhythmix as an Alumni.

Message for dancers:

Be happy with your dance. Always remember that reason and feeling, whatever it may be, that got you started in the first place and make sure it stays as a part of you throughout this endless dance journey.



Redbull BC One Cypher (Singapore) 2014 - Qualifier


Step It Up 2 2008 – 2nd place


Battle Of The Year Singapore 2007 - Best Showcase

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