alyssa kueh 

Year started dancing: 2011

Dance genre: Girls' Style, Kpop, Urban

About Alyssa:

Alyssa took up ballet and modern dance training through her formative years in school as a CCA. However, her true passion for dance began when she joined NTU MJ Hip Hop Dance Club where she was exposed to various forms of street dances - from hip hop, to urban, and street jazz. Alyssa also started training with Limited Edition crew from 2015 onwards, where she started honing her dance style and performance under the wing of Ms Andreas Chua. Through the past few years, Alyssa took part in various local and overseas competitions and performances.

Dance is more than just movement, but a form of expression & individuality. Exploration in dance allows introspection. Alyssa has benefited in life through that & believes in the positive aspects that dance could bring out in dancers in their everyday life as people. Alyssa believes the passion in dance brings people together.

Message for dancers:

Chaos births a dancing star - only through both successes & hardships in life would one thrive.



Arena Dance Competition - Finalists (Major Sydicate)

World Supremacy Battleground - Finalists (KARMA)

CO-EXIST: STARSTRUCK - Choreographer


Super 24 Open Category - 1st Runner Up (Majestique)

Skechers Sweet Monster Regional Kpop Dance Competition - Finalists (LYNX)

NTU MJ Dancetitude Production - Choreographer


Singapore Dance Delight Open Category (Sovereign)

Super 24 Open Category Finalists (Major Syndicate)

Hip Hop International Mega Crew Division - Finalists (Limited Edition)


Super 24 Open Category - Champion (Limited Edition)

All Babes Cineleisure Dance Competition - 2nd Runner Up (Sovereign)

NTU MJ Dancetitude Production - Choreographer


Super 24 Open Category (MaJestique)

Singapore Dance Delight Open Category (Nemesis)


Impresario Dance Team Finalist (NTU MJ)

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