Clarence Lee


Year started dancing: 2010

Dance genre: Hip Hop

About Clarence:

Clarence is a member of NRA legacy and he has been dancing for 5 years. His life has been greatly impacted by dance and it has now turned from a hobby into a passion. Dance allows him to be free and he enjoysevery moment with the music. 

Hip hop is not just a genre; it is a culture embraced, a lifestyle. Through dance and hip hop, Clarence has crossed paths with many whom have taught him so much throughout this journey and they made him who he is today. He started his dance journey learning urban choreography, and slowly grew to learning freestyle and participating in dance battles. Dance will always be part of who he is and he will never stop dancing.

Message for dancers:

Dance is free, is about being in the moment with the music. No matter how far you train and progress, never forget your basics, never forget your roots, and always stay grounded. Always be a student, more than a teacher.



World Supremacy Battlegrounds Monster Division, Champion (NRA Legacy)

In Da Shadows Vol 2, Top 8

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