Programme Overview

THE LEGACY EXPERIENCE is a 3.3-year programme that offers a variety of training across various street and urban dance styles.

Year 1 students coming into the programme will be enrolled into either A (introductory) or B (advanced) classes after being evaluated through our triannual TLE try-out or video audition.

Enrolment/Intake for the programme occurs three times a year and each programme term runs for a period of 4 months.
Jan - Apr (Application period: Oct - Nov)
May - Aug (Application period: Feb - Mar)
Sep - Dec (Application period: Jun - Jul) *Registration now opened!


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Class Schedule for tle term 3

Students enrolled in the TLE programme are required to attend training twice a week (1 curriculum class [compulsory] + 1 project training) based on the following schedule. Project training defers from term to term.

TLE Term 3 A and B schedule

Class Promotion

Assessments are conducted at the end of each term to evaluate and provide feedback for student’s progression.

Eligibility for class promotion is based on the following requirements:

1.     Completion of number of terms required for each class level

2.     Assessment results of each term


Length of programme

The minimum commitment required for the programme is 1 term (4 months). Students can opt to continue with the programme after each term until they complete the programme.




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Programme fees

Fees for THE LEGACY EXPERIENCE covers the cost of the following;

1.     Weekly classes for Curriculum (12 sessions) + Project (Up to 15 hours)

2.     Term assessment (1 per term)

3.     Mass TLE training (1 per term)

fees do not include:

-       Costumes for performances

-       Additional costs for extra activities (TLE Camp, Competition fees, Outings)

-       Re-assessment fees