Year started dancing:
Dance genre:
Hip Hop, Kpop MTV, Street Jazz

About Jessica:
Jessica started dancing since poly with NRA, and found her passion in dance. Moving on to university, she started teaching freelance as a instructor and choreographer. Now, she is a full time dance and fitness instructor with vast experience teaching kids, teens and adults in various dance studios, CCs and gyms.

Message for dancers:
Don't be deterred by the academically driven Singapore. If you love dance and it is your passion, keep going heads on!


World Supremacy Battlegrounds Monster Division, Champion (NRA Legacy)
Bonnie Loo Official MV, Choreographer (YOLO)
The 5 Show (Channel 5), KpopX Fitness demonstration

GAJA!, Champion
Teenage Magazine - Battle of the Champions, Champion (GNOMIX)

Seventeen Magazine Summer Dance Competition, Champion (Mix & Match)

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