The Legacy Experience


Having established LDC in 2014, the co-founders saw a great deal of potential and growth in Singapore’s dance scene with the increasing amount of dance trainings and mentorships offered by schools/studios. However, the co-founders realized that even with the vast amount of options available, there is still a large number of aspiring dancers who are looking for something more than just dance training, but rather to grow themselves and connect with others through experiences such competitions, performances and mentorships.

The co-founders thus felt the drive to develop a programme that could cater to any aspiring dancers, experienced or not, and propel them to take their first steps in pursuing their dreams. Looking back at their own experience under NRA (NP Dance Club), they saw how much the guidance and opportunities presented molded them to become the dancers and teachers they are today. Most importantly, they realized how the long-lasting friendship and connection formed was what pushed them to continue pursuing their dreams years after graduating from the club. 

It was at that point where THE LEGACY EXPERIENCE was born with the purpose to:

•    Provide a safe & encouraging environment where students can push themselves and give their best to grow through a structured/progressive curriculum
•    Provide a place for students to form new connections with like-minded individuals, whom they can grow to call their family, thus creating a sense of belonging and home. 

THE LEGACY EXPERIENCE is (catered) to:

•    Anyone. Whether you are a new dancer looking to discover something new or an aspiring dancer with dreams to make dance your profession, TLE is meant to help you discover your passion for dance and build the pathway to your dreams.

HOW? Through:

• Weekly progressive training in various dance styles such as hip hop, urban, jazz and more
• Opportunities to perform and compete
• Training camps to forge friendships

Remember, nobody is alone in this journey! Apart from your fellow friends in the programme, you will also be guided by a team of committed instructors who will not just be a mentor, but also a friend to you :) 

Come join us in Creating Endless Possibilities today!




Course Structure



 ***This schedule is subject to changes***

***This schedule is subject to changes***


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Instructors are really passionate and have a genuine drive to help us grow as dancers and more than that, as individuals. Really really appreciate their hard work and efforts.
— Claudia, Batch 4



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Besides the many opportunities we get, there’s also a sense of belonging here.
— Chanel, Batch 1
The environment is super loving and nurturing.
— Sherry, Batch 2