The Legacy Experience

Before LDC was established in 2014, the co-founders saw a great deal of growth in Singapore’s dance scene with the increasing amount of dance trainings and mentorships offered by schools/studios. However, the co-founders realised that even with the vast amount of options available, there are still many aspiring dancers who are looking for something more than just dance training that they can easily get from other dance schools but through experiences such competitions, performances and mentorships. However, these options weren't readily available for people who do not belong to dance clubs in their schools.

The co-founders hope to help propel these individuals to take their first steps in pursuing their dreams. With such motivations and aspirations, the cofounders gathered the team and embarked on The Legacy Experience, which later materialised into our in-house training programme for other aspiring dancers as well. That is how we began creating endless possibilities for our students.

Within TLE, students are provided opportunities in:
1. Performance (through our annual company production, CO-EXIST)
2. Competitions (S24, SDD, Blackout, etc)
3. Strength and dance training (weekly TLE trainings)



Course Structure




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***This schedule is subject to changes***



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tle fees pricing

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tle tryouts dates

tryout dates for the upcoming semester (July - december 2018) will be released in april!


tle classes available

available classes for the upcoming semester (july - december 2018) will be released in april!