The Legacy Experience tryouts

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are tryouts for?

Tryouts are meant for any aspiring dancer who is interested in The Legacy Experience dance programme! Anyone can come down for a short tryout. We will conduct a dance session plus briefing regarding TLE, its programme structure, fees and upcoming projects.

2. Do I need to pay for these tryouts?

Nope, our tryouts are free! You only pay if you decide to sign up for out TLE programme at the end of the tryouts.

3. Are the tryouts dance auditions for The Legacy Experience?

It is similar to auditions but for TLE tryouts, everyone will get through! It is for our instructors to gauge if you belong to our A or B class. B classes are for individuals who have some dance experience. For new dancers, we will allocate them to A class. This class is meant for students who may not have as much experience in dance, or are trying out dancing for the first time.

4.What can I expect at The Legacy Experience Tryouts?

There will be a round of introductions, followed by a short and simple choreography that students would have to learn and then perform. During the whole procedure, our instructors would be observing tryout attendees and subsequently allocate them into the respective classes based on their shown dance ability at the tryout. There will be a short QnA after the whole session for those with more enquiries regarding TLE.

5. Are there any pre-requisites to participate in tryout?

no there isnt !

6. How will the tryout be carried out?

After a short welcoming session and getting to know one another, there will be warm ups followed by a short choreography to learn and perform. after which a short QnA session for anyone with questions with regards to signing up for TLE.

7. Can I still join TLE if I cannot make it for any of the tryout slots?

You have the option of submitting a 1-min video of yourself dancing for us to gauge if you should join class A or class B. However, if you still want to join without submitting the video, you will automatically be allocated to class A.

8. Will there be any elimination for the tryout?

Nope. We will accept all students who want to be part of The Legacy Experience.

9. I was a TLE student from previous semesters, do I still have to go through the tryout?

Nope, you do not need to! You can just email in your interest to rejoin us at

10. How do I sign up if I am interested?

Click on the link below for the sign up form!

11. Where / when will the tryout be held at?

The tryouts will be held at our studio:

6 Raffles Blvd, #03-03 Marina Square, Singapore 039594

The dates will depend on the intake, visit our website at: to keep yourselves updated on the latests news !