Why join The Legacy Experience?


Student Testimonials

I became a better human with a better mindset along the way. I was exposed to a lot of things that I didn’t know existed before I start dancing. Without LDC. I won’t be the me I am now.
— TLE student, Batch 1
TLE is where I found my second home. The instructors are all so welcoming and the students that I have met along the way have been a very big part of my life, up till now. TLE is an amazing programme where you not only learn how to dance, you get amazing opportunities to perform and compete with your friends. I have also gained friendships that I am pretty certain will last a long long time.
— TLE student, Batch 2
it’s helped me be more aware with my body that I can do more things that I didn’t know I could do. it has also helped me to freely express emotion and to go out of the box at times.
— TLE student, Batch 5
Dance has taught me to love myself better which is something I still struggle with but it has gotten better with dance in my life. It also has taught me dance is much bigger than art because dance can help you even in life be it teaching you good working habits or expressing emotions you bottle up due to stresses outside of dance. I feel dance has made me a more positive person and it gives me an outlet for my stresses and worries.
— TLE student, Batch 6
It’s a very safe place to dance! I never knew what this means until I joined Legacy. They lets me learn at my pace without any judgement or unnecessary stress from students trying to “compete” who’s a faster learner etc. I think that’s important because as a beginner to dance, space and pace are essential for the student to grow and learn better.
— TLE student, Batch 6